Hesperantha vaginata

Shmuel Silinsky gardenbetter@gmail.com
Sun, 28 Oct 2012 11:46:08 PDT
Leo wrote:
>I would recommend you try what I presume is your local fine-particle
>desert or grassland soil. Your winters are generally of low humidity
>unless it's raining, right?

Jerusalem winter can be 50% to 70%  mean relative humidity. Summer is 30%
to 50% depending on time of day. We are about 800 meters high and oftren
strrong day night contrast..  I don't know if this is called low humidity.
I am not in real desert, more like chapparal. Our soil is a clay loam from
a limestone base. There is a low organic sandy soil from the lowlands that
I really love and use straight for Baja California or Karoo plants that may
be sensitive. Never tried it on bulbs except for some Atacama plants. Too
early to tell results.


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