Saffron Harvest in Kansas City

Christian Lachaud
Sun, 14 Oct 2012 09:52:18 PDT
Dear M. Waddick,

Here (Southern Urop'), we are reaching a first blooming peak today.

A few months ago, I ran some statistics on previous years' blooming series
gathered from different saffron farmers, looking for correlations between
C. sativus blooming and the lunar cycle.
There is some significant effect with the new and full moons, where C.
sativus synchronizes in the field.

Does anyone knows about other species behaving this way ? if scholars
investigated the phenomenon ? and what hypotheses have been considered to
explain blooming synchronization with the lunar phase ?

The weather has been cold and rainy for the last two days, not exactly the
conditions for a good blooming - but here it is (with the new moon).


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