Neobakeria angustifolia

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 29 Oct 2012 07:41:06 PDT
Another really helpful way of checking names for South African plants 
is to use the SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) 
checklist. Although we use the Plant List to check names for the 
wiki, since there is not always agreement, I like to look at what the 
experts in the country where the plant grows think. And the nice 
thing about the check list is that it gives you a lot of information 
in an overview without having to click on individual pages.

If you put in Neobakeria as the genus in the genus box and then check 
the boxes for Full species details  and Include synonymous taxa?  and 
then click on search you will have a listing of the old names for 
this genus along with the current names and often details such as 
height, altitude where it is found, and distribution.

For Neobakeria angustifolia you'll find:
Neobakeria angustifolia (L.f.) Schltr. = Massonia echinata
Perennial. Geophyte. Ht [?]-0.18m. Alt 975-1524m. FSA, SA

Some other species of this former genus including Neobakeria 
marginata are listed as Daubenya marginata. It is challenging to keep 
up with all the changes.

Mary Sue
>Others have said it is Daubenya marginata.

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