Cardamine hirsuta

Tue, 02 Apr 2013 05:05:07 PDT
"Environmental Fate Of Glyphosate", published by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation in 1998, shows all the breakdown products, and also concludes that Roundup binds tightly to soil, resulting in little movement beyond the soil. It also mentioned the absence of any pre-emergent activity. This document appears to be well worth at least skimming.

AMPA is the primary breakdown product of glyphosate. In "Glyphosate and AMPA in Drinking-water --  Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality" (2004/2005), it is concluded that "Under usual conditions, therefore, the presence of glyphosate and AMPA in drinking-water does not represent a hazard to human health."

"Monsanto themselves have privately admitted to formulating it to break down to nitrogen"

What's the source for this statement?

I use a flame weeder in some situations and Roundup in others.  But I do appreciate facts rather than unsupported statements.

Jonathan Lubar
Alachua Florida z8b

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