Helleborus and Paeonia seedling questions

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Mon, 08 Apr 2013 04:25:51 PDT
peony seedlings
Three of four years ago I bought some  seeds of paeonia lutea and paeonia 
delavayi that were already sprouted and had radicles about half a centimetre 
to 1 centimetre long. I potted them in fibrous commercial potting soil and 
stuck the pots in the fridge covering the pot with plastic. It was late 
spring and they pots stayed in the fridge for a couple of months. When I 
took them out , the leaves emerged under lights in the basement shortly. The 
plants are quite big now. Paeonia obovata got pretty much the same 
treatment. The seed was mixed with moist vermiculite and kept in warm 
temperature until the radicles merged. Later on they got the same treatment 
in the fridge as the other types.  Hope it helps.
Bea Zone 5 Ontario

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