Albuca deaconii

Nhu Nguyen
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 11:24:57 PDT
Hi Albuca fans,

The latest (and very last) issue of Herbertia just arrived. It is sad
to see the end of probably the best technical journal dedicated just
to bulbs. There are many interesting articles in the issue, but what I
found most interesting at the moment was the description of a a new
evergreen species, Albuca deaconii.

Coincidentally, the same plant is in bloomed for the first time in our
garden at the moment. I had not attempted to identify it because of
the lack of literature so I was just going to called it a sp. But then
the Herbertia came and gave me a name right away. Another strange
coincidence was that it came years ago from the late Guy Wrinkle who
we heard passed away recently.

The most unfortunate thing about this plant was that it has a mosaic
virus. I am attempting all manners of tricks to get it to self but I'm
not having much luck so far. It's going to hit the trash can as soon
as the flowering is over unless there are seed pods. Does anyone grow
this species? If so, I would love to trade some pollen for the
resulting seeds if the cross is successful.

You can see this species on the wiki.…


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