Haemanthus advice

Marilyn Pekasky faeden4444@sbcglobal.net
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:32:31 PDT
Great find!!  Congrats!!  No matter which species it is, they're fun to grow.  I 
have several different species and a few hybrids, and enjoy them immensely.

As to care, etc., I repot whenever I have a mind to, and I haven't had a 
problem.  I'd definitely remove the dead roots, carefully loosen up the good 
roots, and repot into a larger pot using a potting mix that's fast-draining.

I don't know where you live, but where I am in the San Francisco Bay Area I 
leave mine outside year-round with some overhead protection and they do just 
fine.  I only have about a week of nights below 35F and a few nights below 
freezing.  They seem to do best for me in part shade.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: [pbs] Haemanthus advice

I was at a local nursery today and found this haemanthus tucked away in 
a corner of one of the greenhouses. One of the owners said he didn't 
know what kind it was but said it had a white flower. Can I assume it is 
a haemanthus albiflos?

It looks like it has been in its pot for some time and there are a lot 
of dead roots on it. Is this a good time to repot? Should I remove as 
much of the dead roots as possible?  Would it be a good idea to increase 
the size of the pot or leave it in the same pot? Any other general 
advice is always appreciated :)

Here are some pictures of it:



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Zone 6A

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