Rodger Whitlock totototo@telus.net
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:18:00 PDT
On 23 Apr 2013, at 13:09, Sylvia Sykora wrote:

> I have a couple of 3" pots filled with C. coum album seedlings from December
> 2010 sowings, a few of which bloomed this spring.  Can anyone suggest the
> best time to pot these up individually?  The foliage is already going into
> dormancy. 

I'd keep them in the pots until new foliage begins to emerge in late fall. I've 
moved many Cyclamen coum when they are in flower, and as long as you replant 
immediate after lifting, they don't turn a hair.

Be sure the pots don't go bone dry in summer. Cyclamen have very penetrating 
roots and even during summer dormancy, these are imbibing soil moisture to keep 
the corms (tubers?) firm and healthy. The inevitable disturbance of roots 
that's associate with decanting and planting out potted seedlings is more 
easily recovered from during a period of active growth.

You might want to pot on the entire soil mass into a larger pot; the greater 
the soil volume, the easier it is to keep a pot's contents from drying out.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Z. 7-8, cool Mediterranean climate

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