Stealing from your neighbours
Fri, 26 Apr 2013 05:49:38 PDT
I have to agree with this.  I had many plants stolen when I lived in the city.  Even in the country, a "friend" from Ohio came for a visit and absconded with a small clump of named snowdrops that would have been well over $100 on the open market.  He commented about them and I offered to divide them the next spring.  He stayed the day while I went to work.  Upon returning home, one of the multi-bulb clumps had vanished.  He tried to obscure the hole with extra soil and a bit of leaf litter.  ("Do you really think I don't count them???" I thought to myself.)  Needless to say, the "friend" will never return, nor is he welcome in any of the gardens in the region.  

Interlaken NY Z6

Have the courtesy to ask someone if you want a piece of something, as I am certain you want others to have the courtesy in your own garden.

Yes, I know I am being prim and proper, but I've had stuff stolen 
from my garden and it changes how you feel about it.  The plants I 
had stolen were actually put into my driveway so that people could 
enjoy them when walking by, as I thought the colour would be lovely 
and that far more people than just me could enjoy the show.  I have 
never put any pots there since of course, as I don't want to lose them.

Sorry, rant over, but I felt that someone had to lay it out pretty 
plainly.  Please don't shoot the messenger....


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