Rescue horror stories

Steve Marak
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:01:23 PDT
I would probably be equally unpleasant, Bill. It would depend somewhat 
on what was being pilfered (whether someone snipped a cutting or swiped 
a seed pod, as opposed to digging up the entire plant). But I wouldn't 
be happy.

Obviously we're talking about two very  different classes of "rescue" - 
those where the plant is in danger of being destroyed or at least is 
clearly unwanted, and those where it is obviously being tended and cared 
for by someone.

I've done my share of the former, aided and abetted by my long-suffering 
wife, and in general I think it's at least morally supportable. The 
latter, not so much ... especially because my experience is that Bill is 
right, if you stop, knock on the door, and express your admiration for 
the plant you will likely leave with a start of it.

(Depending on the situation, we do try to ask permission from the 
property owner even in the first case, leading to some memorable 
comments: "What the *%(! do you want that weed for? (*$#, take all of 
them!", and "You can dig up that whole &$^% field for all I care!")


On 4/25/2013 1:54 PM, Bill Lee wrote:
> Why not knock on the door and ask permission to take a small cutting? My house is not really on a traffic street, but if I caught you trying to take a cutting without my permission, I wouldn't be nice to you.
> Bill Lee

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