But My Sister Said

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2013 13:44:47 PDT
A number of years ago I was speaking at Ness Botanic Gardens. The 
director told me this story.

He watched as an older woman was going around pulling up a little plant 
here, another small plant there, and apparently having a grand time.

He walked over and asked to see in her purse. When she opened it up and 
he saw all the plants crammed in there he began a restrained lecture 
about how if people took plants like this there would soon be nothing 
for anyone to enjoy.

Whereupon the woman looked at him and said "But my sister told me the 
gardens are free."

Umm, yes, perhaps she meant the admission, madam.

Of course there is also the time I saw someone very furtively digging 
Ranunculus ficaria at the New York Botanical Garden. I was going to warn 
them about the plant's territorial ambitions but then decided that their 
actions would bear a just reward.

'Nuff said. Let's go back to growing bulbs. Also corms, tubers, rhizomes.

Judy in splendidly sunny and wonderful New Jersey

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