New PBS Record ? and bulbs
Sat, 06 Apr 2013 12:59:27 PDT
Dear Jim, Please introduce a topic you are interested in and want to learn  
more . we have a lot of hidden talent in the Society. Use those really 
smart  people out there. Russ H,
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Oh YES  James.  I just finished up deleting and deletingtoo.

As for bulbs,  here it is the end of the summer season, today autumn 
started officially.  Several of the seeds I sowed last year,went dormant, 
now are coming up  again.  Why is it such a delight to see this 
happening?  The  miracle of these tiny bulbs surviving and now with new 
life?   Babianas and Moreas grown from seed from the BX.

Ina  Crossley
Auckland New Zealand  Zone 10

On 7/04/2013 6:43 a.m.,  James Waddick wrote:
> Dear PBS ers and the rest of you who shall remain  nameless,
>     I usually delate extraneous and 'me  too' messages after reading 
them, but rarely I will delete a message without  opening if the subject is not 
of interest.
>      During the last week I am sure I reached A NEW RECORD  in deleting  
message without opening and reading them. I won't repeat subjects that  
warranted deleting, but there were a few.
>     How  about a BULB topic ? What's blooming? Cultivation questions?     
Let's get a on a good old track of messages- bulbs.  A new  week is about 
to start , let's restart the forum.
>    Frustrated  Jim W.
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