Administrative changes

Nhu Nguyen
Mon, 22 Apr 2013 10:22:41 PDT
Dear PBS members and List participants,

In February 2013, after 11 years of unwavering dedication to the Pacific
Bulb Society, Mary Sue Ittner announced to the Board of Directors that she
would be retiring.

Mary Sue and a number of others formed the Pacific Bulb Society in 2002 and
with forward wisdom and insights set up the PBS structure that we see
today. The List was created with the idea that knowledge should be
accessible to everyone, and thus membership was not required to be
participating member. Mary Sue first hosted the List on her own server and
on ibiblio since then. The list now hosts about 600 people and I think many
will agree with me that it's one of the best plant forum on the internet.

And perhaps most importantly, Mary Sue created the PBS Wiki. The idea of a
"wiki" was new back in 2002, yet Mary Sue adopted it readily and throughout
the years added contents and photos which makes up the core content of the
wiki. The structure that you see today had not deviated drastically from
the original wiki. The appearance of Mary Sue's name on most of the wiki
pages speaks to her dedication and literally countless hours that she spent
improving the wiki. There were major hurdles to keep the wiki running where
at one point we almost had to shut it down due to major software changes.
But Mary Sue kept her dedication strong and sought help to moved the entire
wiki to a new piece of software and we have been using it since.

In conjunction with the List, the PBS Wiki has become the best source of
information and photos of bulbs anywhere. If you search for a bulb name in
Google, the PBS Wiki can be found on the very first page if not the very
first hit. This speaks to the tremendous influence that the work which Mary
Sue and her helpers have produced for the plant world and for posterity.

We have now completed the transition of administrative responsibility. We
welcome Eugene Zielinksi who is assisting David Pilling and Diane Whitehead
as administrators for the PBS List. David Pilling had taken over the
leadership of the wiki and with Mike Mace, myself, and our newest team
member Gastil, we continue to add content and maintain the quality of work
that Mary Sue produced over the years. Please contact one of us if you have
inquires and relieve Mary Sue of her duties so that she can spend time
enjoying the sunshine and many wonderful geophytes in her retirement. And
although we consider this a retirement, Mary Sue will continue adding to
the wiki of the years of backlog photos and information.

Please join me in thanking Mary Sue for all that she had done for the PBS
over the years. The PBS that you see today would not be the same had it not
been for her continual dedication and wisdom. Thank you very very very
much, Mary Sue!!!

Nhu Nguyen
PBS President

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