rescue horror stories; was Re: Little Mystery Bulb

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 08:36:45 PDT
Oooh, I thought of another "rescue" I did a few years ago.  Along the banks
of the Ohio river there are some unique flora to be found.  The sandy banks
will bake during a drought killing back most plants (especially trees).
Two plants that thrive here are Opuntia and Passiflora.

One Church lot & graveyard in particular abounds with Opuntia.  The
caretakers hate it because it's a nuisance and punctures their lawnmower
tires.  But I wanted some pads badly.  Lo & behold on my latest visit the
lawn crew had collected a rubbish pile of weeds & debris with abundant
Opuntia pads.

I felt no guilt in taking pads from the rubbish pile.  Sadly it is not
thriving in my garden as my other Opuntia do.  It must really want that
sandy soil.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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