John Willis willis@fred.net
Mon, 15 Apr 2013 18:30:20 PDT
I have found the various PBS recommendations on growing bulbs from seed to be wonderfully helpful.  And I now have a greenhouse full of charming little seedlings that would like to be fed.  Jane McGary's write-up on growing bulbs from seed (and just about every other reference I can find) says
"Apply a liquid fertilizer, diluted to about half the strength recommended by the manufacturer, to the seedlings two or three times during their growing season. " 

But no one says how to do this.  I water the plants with an overhead mister/sprinkler combination that has worked really well.  But when I tried to use a small watering can to apply liquid fertilizer this evening, I found it was really disturbing the soil in my nice little 4 inch pots with gravel surfaces.  Surely there is a better way, but I haven't seen any reference to how to do this most effectively.

Gardens get wilder every day...

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