Vinegar for weeds
Sat, 06 Apr 2013 01:33:49 PDT
Because of the value of some of the things I grow I would prefer not to  
publish a list. I know a plant breeder who went shopping, came home and was  
missing some unique plants that were not recovered. One plant I am very fond 
of  is an Operculicarya decaryi bonsai tree growing in a rock about 2 and a 
half  feet tall. It is a desert tree that dwarfs easily with knarled, nobby 
bark. It  is around 50 years old now. A favorite bulbous plant would be 
Paramongaia  weberbaueri. It is an amaryllid from S American with yellow 
flowers. My Late  partner was also a plant lover and he wanted me to grow as many 
seed plants as  possible. So right now I just have several hundred species 
growing from  seeds. But I hope to continue growing for a while yet-Russ H.
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Botanic  gardens are good sources for rare plants?! Hahahahah!

I can think of  plenty of unobtainable plants.

Russ, what rare plants do you  grow?


> To Leo Martin, You know as well as I that if you  have enough money and 
> right connections (say through a Botanic  Garden) there is no plant that 
> unobtainable.        
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