Cardamine hirsuta
Wed, 03 Apr 2013 16:55:38 PDT
Did you know that seed companies where doing genetic engineering so roundup 
 could be sprayed over an entire field. The genetic resistant crop would 
live and  every other plant in the field would die. That way farmers could use 
even more  chemical-Russ
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Sure, this would be interesting.
You have  mentionned GM soy engineered for roundup.
Have you ever heard about any GMO  which seeds would get activated by
roundup ?
In the case of Cardamine  hirsuta, the seed is so tiny that it may be more
exposed to environemental  chemicals than bigger seeds ?

But if such GMOs do exist, one will need  to understand if it was possible
that Cardamine got polluted by the roundup  genes ?
If it is not genetic pollution, then what is it ?

Has anyone  ever observed this phenomenon somewhere else or is it my local
strain of  Cardamine only, and I'm so lucky ?

*Dr. Christian M. Lachaud,  PhD*
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