Worsleya problems

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Mon, 01 Apr 2013 19:26:43 PDT
I would think it is SRP responsibility to remove plants from their wires.  
You could get electrocuted!!.Call their office and complain to them. I 
surprised  the fools did not suggest you stand on an aluminum ladder and 
scrape/wash the  plants off by hand.Russ H
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leo@possi.org writes:

Hello  All,

I bought one of the above a few years ago. I must have received  one of the 
clones; the thing blooms and sets seed several  times yearly. It also 
offsets the way
Hippeastrum striatum does. I have it  planted on a bark raft in my carport.

My problem is that the pods  usually open while I'm at work, and the seed 
blows away.
They sprout on  just about every surface, completely covering the big 
saguaro in my  front
yard to the point I'm worried it won't have enough photosynthetic  tissue 
exposed. Lately
they are growing on the electric cables, the way I  have seen ball moss 
grow in southern
Texas or even here in Arizona  (Tillandsia recurvata, not a bulb, sorry for 
the off-topic
mention but it  helps you visualize what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, my local utility  Salt River Project http://www.srp.net/ has left a 
door hanger at
my house  telling me their cables are at risk of breaking due to the weight 
of  the
epiphytes on them, and directing me to remove them or they will take  legal 
action. There
are too many to remove by hand, so I have tried  Round-Up, but it seems not 
to be too
effective. Can anybody suggest a  better herbicide? Plus, I don't want to 
spray Round-Up
on my big  saguaro.


Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona  USA

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