ID requested for Trillium cf. chloropetalum

Gastil Gastil-Buhl
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 14:37:06 PDT
Jane writes 
(T. kurabayashii and  T. angustipetalum) cover  any red trillium that might be in Redwood National Park.
So,  based on where it was found growing, Jessica's photograph is not of Trillium chloropetalum.

She has allowed me to share with the PBS list her reason for asking. 
I think this story will interest PBS members so I forward her email below.
NPS = National Park Service.
Their 'wildflower bingo' is not the commercial product of the same name. 

- Gastil

---- from Jessica ----
I'm just getting into identifying wildflowers, my daughter and i started a game we call 'wildflower bingo', so now i'm kind of getting more into finding the species names of things.  you have a great website.

We started it at a grand canyon trip a few years ago, we'd been taking pics of wildflowers for a few years but that trip we made up a bingo game, we went to the library they have at the south side, and made two bingo charts, with random flower names for each of the squares.  you get 5 in a row, you win, tee hee...  anyway, the women at the library thought it was so cute when they saw what we were doing that they offered to let us check out the books for a day (which they never do apparently to tourists).  is kind of fun in a nerdy sort of way.  we always get pics of the leaves also, it's one of the drawbacks to some flower guides, even if they have photos sometimes it's just the flowers, which can be unhelpful, esp with some of the plants out here, a lot of the yellow or white ones look the same, though their leaves are different.

anyway, we still play, even though she's a bit older now.

thanks for the post.  i looked up in NPS on their site, and though they don't always have their genus species names of things correct, I got the trillium chloropetalum from their site, and it looks the same to me.  the pic on your website has the same species only it appears to be without the red spots on the leaves, for the most part.  also i'm really not an expert at this at all, it's just our hobby.


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