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Dear david, I am not sure if you got my other message but I can assure that 
 they (Growers) do NOT put peyote cactus plants in dish gardens!The peyote 
cactus  has a drug that acts like LSD on the brain. Unless you are a member 
of the  Native American Church it is a felony to grow and possess the plant. 
I would  have to look it up but it may have been as far back as !930 that 
it was made  illegal by the feds. Just type in Peyote cactus in a search 
engine. You are in  for quite a surprise. You must have confused this cactus 
with something else in  your dish garden. As a grower of cactus for resale I 
can assure you no one in  their right mind would plant this in a dish garden 
for resale. If you find a  dish garden with what you are sure  is peyote can 
you please send me a  picture. I am a Botanical Taxonomist and would like to 
know what you are seeing.  By the way peyote grown from seed has a fleshy, 
carrot like taproot, smooth  skin, white flowers and a globular head growing 
off the taproot. It almost never  clumps in nature unless the top has been 
cut off. Then the head can resprout,  sometimes with multiple globular 
heads. It is rare in nature because of over  harvesting for drug use-Russ H.
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A  federal crime to grow peyote?  Peyote is typically included in those 
cactus plantings sold throughout the southwest.  I shouldn't doubt  that 
members of this group grow it, although I doubt any of us use it  as a 

David  E.
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