Crocus sativus and Weeds

Christian Lachaud
Fri, 05 Apr 2013 23:20:37 PDT
Russ, you can try (1) to cover beds with black plastic sheets as soon as
saffron goes dormant. Corms are deep enough not to be affected by heat,
unless you have a shallow planting or (as it seems) you are in an area with
strong insulation (make a test first : I'm not responsible for
consequences). Without light, weeds die. Their seeds are killed by heat;
(2) add mulch, which will prevent seeds from germinating. But depending on
your soil characteristics, climate, and type of mulch, mulch can promote
fungal diseases on corms (make also a test : same); (3) introducing gooses
or any small grazing animal (which weight will not tamp the soil) in your
field (after saffron goes dormant and before it grows back) : they will
clean it.

I need to add that there is no miracle solution : weeds are still there and
will always be there. Therefore, it is more a question of finding clever
balance with nature.

For instance, I am currently promoting a tiny (3cm) annual winter weed,
which forms a very dense mat suppressing germination of all other plants,
but which is too small to have any impact on saffron. I don't know the name
of this plant and if anyone wants to help me id it, you are most welcome. I
can take pictures and post it on the forum.

*Dr. Christian M. Lachaud, PhD*

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