Cardamine hirsuta
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 02:21:25 PDT
I suggest the manufacturer and ask them these questions. Could it not be  
some growing condition or disease that is damaging your roots. As I have  not 
used roundup around this species I can't comment. However I have used the  
product on /around every temperate garden flower known to man. Every species 
of  temperate Iris, hybrids (thousands) and thousands of hybrid daylily 
varieties  without problem, including every temperate cut flower! No problems. 
For roundup  to get into the plant it cannot travel through soil. It must 
enter the pores on  healthy leaves and pores on some nonwoody stems. I find 
that many times the user  doesn't follow the directions on the label. Do you 
think Monsanto would risk  millions in fines producing a chemical that harmed 
plants people want to grow. I  am truly sorry you had a crop failure but I 
do not believe the cause was the  roundup. If you spray between flowers and 
weeds you have to prevent the spray  from drifting on your flowers. It is 
non selective in what it kills. Please  remember there are a lot of diseases- 
viral, fungal and bacterial that can  easily damage or weaken plants. Russ H.
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Hi  Russ

Nice article

I don't agree that Round up is harmless after  one week
one of my suppliers used it three months before seeding Mirabilis  jalapa
the harvest was less as half from normal
and the quality from the  harvested roots was terrible
I stopped selling them because they started  rotting on my stand in 
so whatever they say
some way round up  doesn't break down completely
and is also infecting probably roots or the  just emerging cotyledon


It turns
into a harmless  nontoxic  chemical.

R de Boer
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