Cardamine hirsuta
Fri, 05 Apr 2013 04:18:17 PDT
Dear Christian, Before I joined our little group I was aware this weed  
existed., but I did not know it was taking over the world. In central Arizona  
where I live this weed barely survives. Some years we only get a couple 
inches  of rain. In the summer it can hit 125F. While I do grow a lot of desert 
plants  in the ground I find it so much easier to grow most of my bulbs in 
pots. For  those people that do not care to use chemical weedkillers you 
better hire a full  time gardening staff to dig out the roots,especially before 
the plants go to  seed and spread.I have been involved in agricultural pest 
control loner than  most of you have been alive and I really cannot see any 
easy solution for  getting rid of this weed. You will certainly improve your 
heart function from  all the exercise digging it out. It sounds like many 
of our grower raise more of  this weed than garden flowers. If you went out 
every week and chopped off all  the green leaves you will probably kill off 
some this nasty thing but you will  really have to commit to this program. 
The seeds sound like they can live a long  time. Common ragweed seed can 
sprout after being buried for five years. So I  think you are looking at a 
lifetimes work to control this by hand methods-Russ  H
Please understand I do not mean to criticise gardeners that don't use  
chemicals. Everyone has a right to decide how they want to run their business.  
That is as long as it does no harm to others.
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Kathleen  : ok !

Some of them look very similar indeed.
I think we have only  one though, considering morphology, natural geographic
distribution, and  environmental requirements (for instance, the last one in
your list seems  to like damp soils).

If population of Cardamine was heterogeneous with  different species, how do
you think it would modify the global pattern of  invasiveness and what seems
to be seeds reaction to roundup ?

Look  at that one : Holly sh. !!! (that's how it looks here on hopefully
small  patches where  rounduped)

*Dr.  Christian M. Lachaud,  PhD*
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