Cardamine hirsuta

Mon, 01 Apr 2013 23:54:59 PDT
Dear All,
It is quite true that roundup breaks down but not into "Harmless" chemicals.
Monsanto themselves have privately admitted to formulating it to break down to nitrogen.
Which boosts plants, Cardamine included. They have been succesfully sued in France for their misleading advertising.
There are NO commercials for this product anymore on TV here.
It is causing havoc with the water supply with already excessive synthetic nitrogen being applied by farmers.
The price of water is set here to rocket even further.
Brittany has terrible problems with the water table from intensive farming.
Offshore blooms of algae are causing havoc too.
Consuming such nitrogen rich water is a huge health risk.
Water companies are the only ones who benefit as they charge clients for the extra filtration.
We nearly all have water filters here at home as well. Some people drink bottled mineral water.
Do not use this product commercial growers please!
Invest in a thermic lance and burn-off your weeds as more and more towns are doing here.
The spray can is a thing of the past for weeds.
And use wood chippings or whatever you can for mulch, to exclude light from the soil surface.
Monasanto are well proven here for their cynicism.
Do not be fooled by the harmless breakdown story please.

> Message du 01/04/13 23:23
> De : "Christian Lachaud" 
> Dear all,
> I would like to ask your advise about Cardamine hirsuta.
> Few gardener friends and I have noticed that roundup herbicide activates
> the seeds of Cardamine hirsuta, that are asleep in the soil (by the way, I
> ignore how long the seeds of this plant survive asleep).
> In areas that were free of Cardamine the previous years, treated with
> roundup during the summer, a dense population of this plant is sure to be
> found next spring. However, this burst has nothing to do with cleanness of
> the area after herbicide application, because other places manually weeded
> will never exhibit the phenomenon. Roundup application and Cardamine
> infestation is so highly correlated that people here use to say that
> roundup "makes it come".
> I know that there has been some cases of genetic pollution from GMO into
> wild species through pollen. I ignore if some GMOs requiring roundup to get
> their seeds activated do exist ? If yes, wouldn't this example be one such
> case of genetic pollution accident ? Have people observed this phenomenon
> elsewhere in the world ?
> It is worth asking the question since some people eat Cardamine hirsuta and
> advertise it as delicious. However, if it had been turned accidentally into
> a wild GMO requiring roundup to wake up and grow, would it be that safe for
> human health ?
> Any comments, ideas, and tracks will be much appreciated - Many thanks.
> *Dr. Christian M. Lachaud, PhD*
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