Awful spring, was Namibia

Eugene Zielinski
Sat, 13 Apr 2013 11:20:56 PDT
No snow today, but all of my spring bulbs, some in full bloom, are under a
foot and a half (45 cm) of snow that fell three days ago.  I was warned
that western South Dakota gets a lot of snow in the spring.

Eugene Zielinski
Rapid City, SD

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> Hi All:
> Snow flurries this morning in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Galanthus
> have been in flower the last couple of weeks.  Iris reticulata and
> histroides cultivars are looking nice as well as Eranthis hyemalis.
>  Bulbocodium vernum is showing color.  Most of the Crocus species and
> cultivars are up as well and when the sun comes out (rarely the last month
> or so) they put on a show.  Noticed the first of the Narcissus in flower
> but too blustery and cold to actually go out and get close enough to
> identify it.  We are about 2 weeks behind the 'normal' flowering cycle
> spring - a marked contrast to last spring when we were 6 weeks ahead of
> schedule...
> Boyce Tankersley
> USDA zone 5
> continental climate
> Grayslake, Illinois
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