Helleborus and Paeonia seedling questions

arcangelo wessells arcangelow@yahoo.com
Sun, 07 Apr 2013 21:34:32 PDT
Hello all. I hope these are close enough to bulbs for me to submit these questions:

First is that I have a pot of seedlings of Helleborus vesicarius. I planted them in Fall 2011. They all sprouted within a week of eachother in January 2013 after a cold week with lows of 28F/-3C. I have two grown plants, and all the literature says the first year only the cotyledons sprout. This whole group of seedlings has also gotten their first true leaves. Has anyone seen this before? Here is a photo:


Another related question. I have grown several Paeonia from seed. They have all  sent up a leaf very soon after their root emerges from the seed [in the first winter I mean]. Right now I am watching a very slow germination of a seed from Jenny Archibald's last list. Listed as "Paeonia sp. nova" from NW Iran. As you can see from the photo, the root seems to be splitting to allow the leaf sprout. But if the leaf doesn't emerge, how do I care for this plant over the summer/dry season? Thanks very much and here is the photo:


Thanks very much if anyone can help.
Arcangelo Wessells
Coastal Northern California

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