Vinegar for weeds

Thu, 04 Apr 2013 11:02:26 PDT
I use vinegar for weeds.  The idea being that grass loves our alkaline soil
and the vinegar, in addition to burring exposed plant tissue, makes the soil
more acidic.  I have used it on stands of grass 18-24 inches high.  I had to
repeat as the first dose killed the above ground parts, but new blades
continued to grow.    I have also poured additional vinegar on the base
clump of larger grasses.  Given enough I have one bed area that has remained
almost free of grass after this treatment.  When I say grass, I am not
talking about lawn grass, but wild grass that spreads by rhizomes.  

NE Calif.

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I couldn't tell whether anybody replied to Alberto's query about using
vinegar on weeds.
Yes, it works on most but not all weeds. Spray cooking vinegar (5% acidity
as sold in the USA) on young weed seedlings. It seems less effective on
older seedlings or plants, especially dandelions.

By the way, judging by the number of people writing me privately for
unobtainable plant material, this is by far the most gullible plant group to
which I subscribe.

Leo Martin

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