Tim Chapman
Sat, 06 Apr 2013 18:00:28 PDT

I hate to drag on an off topic thread but once again there is no confusion on my part. My only comment has been that this plant is scheduled.  Fact.  Undeniable, and its restrictions are clearly defined by US federal law, very easily checked with a few seconds of search time which seems to be too difficult??  Whether or not it is or was sold as an ornamental is irrelevant.  Such commerce is illegal. I personally don't care and favor personal responsibility versus regulation on such things.  Whether or not the DEA cares about pursuing this commerce or not is irrelevant.    The laws which the DEA enforces make no exceptions for cute little cacti dishes.   Native American religious use yes, souvenirs no.    I fail to see how providing facts that are easily confirmed   is considered confusion by some.  

Tim Chapman

>  I 
> think Tim and Jadeboy are confusing the harmless commerce in gifts with genuine 
> drug trafficking.  The DEA certainly does not confuse the two.  And I certainly 
> would not confuse Ariocarpus with Lophophora!
> David 

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