Jtlehmann@aol.com Jtlehmann@aol.com
Tue, 16 Apr 2013 20:51:39 PDT
I use a Hozon brand mixer.  I'm on my second one in 15 years.   Once the 
rubber parts inside wear out it's just easier to buy a new one.
--Jerry Lehmann, Kansas, USA
<<I am a fan of the Dosatron, although it is not really suited to  small 
home use (small potted collections). It is an ingenious mechanism  and
trouble free for many hours before it needs servicing in my experience.  If
you have used a Siphonex prior to you will wonder how you ever got  along
without it. You can get fixed or adjustable injection rates. The unit  needs
to be mounted on a bench or cart and this is a custom job. I'm told  that
Chemilizer is also quite good but is only available in a fixed  injection


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