Cardamine hirsuta
Sat, 06 Apr 2013 01:04:07 PDT
I think I would retire to a very small granite rock in lake Superior if I  
had to deal with this weed! What the member have said they have to do is  
terrible to control this pest. Here in the Phoenix area it is almost a  
curiosity. I hardly irrigate but for gardeners that do it is a nightmare. We  have 
been in a drought for year so I had to really search  to find some one  
that knew what this looked liked. Do you think constant old fashioned hoeing  
would make any difference? Russ H.
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Many thanks for your kind advice.

One major  problem with hunting this weed regularly is that it has important
size  variations. The tiniest specimens will hardly measure more than 1cm.
They  will produce just one or two flowers and a few seeds, enough to
generate 5  to 10 descendants. These invisible specimens will always escape
the  gardener's hunt. But you are also correct : there is no other choice
than  performing a systematic tracking in order to keep the problem  under

*Dr. Christian M. Lachaud,  PhD*
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