Hannon othonna@gmail.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2013 20:53:15 PDT

Those are good ideas re: indicator plants. The trick is finding the right
plants. I use Sedum coeruleum and Mimulus latifolius, which are attractive
to boot. I also tolerate infusions of Crassula connata, which can generate
a dense cover of small plants after 4-5 years but is easily controlled.
When they become dense it is time to repot! There is also a small-flowered
Cryptantha sp. and-- big mistake-- Muhlenbergia microsperma. The latter is
cute with its plumes of purplish flowers but it soon becomes a prolific

Another work around for the common problems you cite is sowing more than
one desirable plant in with another. For example, a tuberous Othonna
generates "weed-like" roots (like Sonchus oleraceus in fact) and can hold
the mix together where small bulbs are not up to the job.


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