RIP IBS - comments

James Waddick
Sat, 27 Apr 2013 07:14:06 PDT
Dear PBS friends,

	After posting the above without comment, I thought I'd share some thoughts about the end of IBS. This group was one if not THE TOP bulb and plant science group and publisher for decades. Highly admired and appreciated. I was a member for decades, but dropped out years ago.  

	There are many reasons for the 'death' of IBS, but I won't speculate. I know of one...

	Unlike PBS, IBS did not embrace the new technology, openness and sharing of the world wide web and email. Where PBS offers an open and free discussion forum, IBS was increasingly private and almost secretive about sharing information. This very bulb related forum welcomes new members from around the world and divergent topics from the most esoteric to the wide ranging and barely related to the focus of bulbs.

	...And of course the PBS wiki maintains the highest quality of images and text in any one bulb site on the web.  

	Both PBS and IBS offer seed and bulb exchanges, but they could hardly be compared. One for the 'common man' and one for the 'elite'. 

	Sad to see IBS fade away, It was a great organization at one time. RIP.

			Thanks PBS for all you offer and share. 		Jim W. 


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