Cardamine hirsuta

Wed, 03 Apr 2013 18:32:26 PDT
A few years ago I caved on my position of having an all organic garden and
used some Roundup on a grass that is rhizomatous and endemic to this area.
The Agricultural extension could not identify it, but it is broadly known.
Many go to raised beds as a last resort.  Anyway, the Roundup appeared to
kill the stand of the grass in a corner of my vegetable garden, but the next
year it came back with a vengeance as if I had spoon fed it a tasty meal.  

Lepidium latifolium commonly known as Tall Whitetop or just Whitetop…  ,… 
 is another plant that seems to ignore Roundup.  The flowers are similar in
appearance to Baby's Breath so vendors often come to this area to collect
the flowers for free and then sell them as Baby's Breath thus spreading the
seeds.  It is starting to invade our property and I am at a loss as to how
to deal with it.  In the past we have kept it mowed hoping to stunt its
growth.  This year I'm considering using a weed burner on it.  The Rancher
across the road keeps it controlled by grazing, but it grows in the
right-of-way along the road and the seeds blow onto our property.  Grazing
controls it in our fields, but I do prefer to have flowers, lawn and
vegetables on some of the land!

Point- if Roundup left no residue, there would not be the requirement (law)
to wait 5 years after the last application to be considered organic

NE Calif

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Jadeboy, this is what we have been discussing in this thread. I assume
everybody would know but clearly not. Genetically engineered soybean and
other crops are being widely sown in South America, Africa, and elsewhere.
This soybean, etc., has been genetically modified to become resistant to
Roundup; this will kill most of the existing weeds AND native vegetation of
all sorts but not the soybean. This way competition from other vegetation is

Christian, it seems Roundup has a sort of hormonal effect on Cardamine
hirsuta boosting is germination to abnormally succesful rates. Otherwise
there is no evidence that an effect on Cardamine was among the goals when
projecting the product. As a matter of fact, germination improvement of no
plant was ever mentioned among the product's "benefits". However there is
not the slightest doubt that this actually happens from postings in this
same thread. 


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