Plant snitching stories, was Re: Rescue horror stories

Jim McKenney
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 11:05:31 PDT
Ellen, it's a good thing you do not live in our neighborhood. We're very multi-cultural now, and the very successful kids move in with mom and dad - feet still firmly planted in the old country - in tow. We have one old gal who wanders the neighborhood helping herself to any roses, other flowers or vegetables within reach. One neighbor saw her climbing the chain link fence to get at something. And when apprehended, she brazenly scolds the  homeowner and asserts a right to gather whatever she wants because it's going to waste in the garden. 

Another one, maybe the best gardener in the neighborhood on the basis of the staggering diversity of her garden flora, has apparently never known  a plant to defy her attempts at propagation. She walks her dogs through the neighborhood helping herself to pinchings and snippings  of this and that. It's become a sort of game with me, trying to guess how long it will take for one of my new plants to make its appearance in her garden.    

Jim McKenney

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