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I am talking about the spineless, white flowered cactus that is used in  
sacred ceremonies by native Americans. It contains a drug very close to LSD. 
It  is very bitter and you might hallucinate for 24 or more depending on 
dosage.  Also you will vomit violently from using it. This plant is not put in  
cactus gardens sold in stores!! If you are not using it for religious 
purposes  there is a hefty fine/prison sentence. Just call up the local Drug 
Enforcement  Agency. The dried tops of the cactus, called buttons have a high 
street drug  value. It grows from a carrot like taproot. The roundish top 
growth is cut off  and the base re sprouts. You must have this cactus confused 
with something you  saw in a dish garden. Seed possession is also illegal.I 
can assure you that this  plant has not and never will be put in dish gardens. 
It does somewhat look like  a euphorbia. Just enter peyote into a search 
engine to confirm what I have told  you.One of the reasons it is so rare in 
the SW is heavy harvesting by people  wishing to get "High" from the plant! 
Russ H.
Ps I think this cactus should be raised in public gardens and other places  
it can be studied. It has a right to exist and should not be 
eradicated.Many  morning glories also contain LSD substances in their seeds but people 
still grow  them. The rest of the plant has very low levels of the drug. Most 
of the seeds  are treated to make them toxic.
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A  federal crime to grow peyote?  Peyote is typically included in those 
cactus plantings sold throughout the southwest.  I shouldn't doubt  that 
members of this group grow it, although I doubt any of us use it  as a 

David  E.
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