PBS Stealing from your neighbors

Theladygardens@aol.com Theladygardens@aol.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2013 09:18:59 PDT
Mark has said it well and I agree.  I can't even imagine teaching my  
children to steal.  I have had my garden open to the public and it always  
saddens me when someone steals something.  Yes, I do notice, I miss it  and it 
makes me want to not let all of the wonderful people in to enjoy the  garden.  
A couple of times I've come across small children in the garden  carrying  
something pilfered.  The mothers said  something  to the effect of "They 
didn't know better, so can they keep it"  I smile  and kindly explain to the 
child that it wasn't theirs to take that is  called stealing and we must not 
ever steal - or take something that is not  ours.  And then I explain that 
since they didn't ask and we didn't give it  to them they must give it back.
Of course, it is usually the mother who wanted such and had her child carry 
 it thinking I would say ok.  
As Mark said
No matter how noble the cause, taking something without consent is  theft
and no amount of moral relativism can change that.  Shame on those  who wish
to possess at any cost.

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