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Diana Chapman rarebulbs@suddenlink.net
Mon, 08 Apr 2013 07:29:31 PDT
I thought for a long time before sending this message, but I feel I have 
to say something.

I have never seen discussions on the PBS forum degenerate into name 
calling, as has happened recently.  Using terms like 'bitter, sour, 
nasty' etc. is totally unacceptable.  It is OK to disagree, but 
insulting terms are going far beyond the boundaries of polite 
discourse.  This particular disagreement should have been done 
privately, since it didn't even involve bulbs.  I deleted many messages 
without reading them, so it may have been even worse than the ones I opened.

Leo Martin treated us all to a wonderful joke on April Fool's day. I 
laughed and laughed, and when some people 'bit' I laughed even more (and 
if it had been me, that would have been even better - isn't that the 
point of an April Fool's joke?).  I still have images of Leo raking up 
Worsleya seedlings from his driveway, knocking them down from the power 
lines, etc., and it still makes me smile.  Thank you Leo!!  So, when he 
used the term 'gullible' which means trusting, naive, innocent, and even 
hopeful and optimistic (and you need plenty of all of those attributes 
to grow difficult bulbs), and was also insulted I felt mortally 
offended.  I apologize to you Leo on behalf of all of us who got great 
enjoyment out of your joke. Please, don't hold back next year!


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