Cardamine hirsuta
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 02:33:58 PDT
What proof do you have that it was the roundup that caused the damage.  It 
will not continue to work after 3 months in the ground. Did your supplier  
spray the roundup, then immediately plant the seeds in the wet foliage?I am 
well  aware there are some very toxic,  long acting weed killers out there 
but  roundup is one of the least toxic. Russ H.
PS : I do not own stock in any chemical companies and the company doesn't  
pay me to be their spokesman. If you can prove that the roundup caused a  
financial loss take them to Court to pay for the loss but the burden of proof 
is  on you.
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Hi  Russ

Nice article

I don't agree that Round up is harmless after  one week
one of my suppliers used it three months before seeding Mirabilis  jalapa
the harvest was less as half from normal
and the quality from the  harvested roots was terrible
I stopped selling them because they started  rotting on my stand in 
so whatever they say
some way round up  doesn't break down completely
and is also infecting probably roots or the  just emerging cotyledon


It turns
into a harmless  nontoxic  chemical.

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