ID requested for Trillium cf. chloropetalum

Tue, 02 Apr 2013 15:46:26 PDT
The southernmost population of any Tillium, at least in western North
America, is reportedly at Coon Creek in San Luis Obispo County. Here it
grows in riparian woodland within a mile of the ocean (the surrounding
hills are coastal sage scrub). This area is in Central California and
provides hope that someday a cultivated strain may be adapted to Southern
California. The flowers are red and can bloom as early as Christmas. This
is T. angustipetalum (as treated by the Jepson Manual) and Robert F. Hoover
(1970) makes this interesting observation:

"It is remarkable that our plants have narrow petals like those of the
remote Sierra Nevada, instead of being the broad-petaled form found
northward in the Coast Ranges."

Dylan Hannon

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