The Silent Seed
Tue, 16 Apr 2013 06:24:41 PDT
Thank you for your kind, thoughtful words! I live one hour North of 
Boston, and it seems pretty chaotic down there - or at least it did 
yesterday. I watched some footage yesterday and this morning.
Thanks for thinking of us!

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Apologies for off topic post this morning but on waking at 7 a.m. our 
time to hear about America's awful event on such an occasion, any 
occasion. Folks here in the countries of the UK can only weep for you 
in the USA at this mindless barbarity. Tragic doesn't come close. We 
have ourselves have had no end of this kind of event in the not so 
distant past, hopefully now not ever again but we have just learnt that 
your FBI are liaising with our SIS and police every hour to share info 
and if at all possible also to prevent anything like it at our own 
London marathon this coming Sunday as well as the State Funeral for our 
former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher before hand tomorrow - 
Wednesday.Having experienced so many outrages like this here in the UK 
before, Americans can be fully assured we are totally with you all at 
this terrible, terrible time. It wakens our own fears for the future 
and the deepest possible sympathy from across this side of the 
Pond.Iain_______________________________________________pbs mailing 

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