Hydrogen peroxide

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What I like about it is that it is low cost and it really works.  Powdered 
sulfur has been use for centuries as a disease control and it is very  safe 
to humans! Russ H.
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> With some very expensive  plants ( In the 500$ range+) that had rot 
> at the nursery we  unpotted the plant, scraped off as much rotten tissue 
> possible then  dusted it with flowers of sulfur. It is just powered sulfur
> and   can be found at most drug stores. It kills almost all fungi it  
> the plant stay dry to let the rotten area heal. It is very  safe and has 
> used on people for several thousand years to kill  germs. 

Many years ago I attended a study weekend at which Paul  Christian gave a 
lengthy talk on the propagation of bulbs. (I think it was  at a hardy plant 
study weekend in Lynwood, Washington.) He extolled the  virtues of sulfur 
as a 
fungicide to use on the wounds some propagation  techniques produce, 
offering as 
one of its great advantages "it stays  where you put it."

Yes, sulfur: good stuff.

Rodger  Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Z. 7-8, cool Mediterranean  climate
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