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Peter Taggart petersirises@gmail.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2013 15:10:52 PDT
A lot would depend on the genus and species you wish to plant Luis. There
are succulent growers on this forum who know a lot more than I do about
them but I suggest that you use a little of the worm casings (I presume
that this is what I know as worm casts), mixed with a lot of the sand and
some of the forest product. Many succulents and also woodland bulbs will
grow happily in a humus rich mix but control of the moisture levels in the
compost can become a problem. For for most winter growing bulbs you would
be better to make your mix of around 50% sand, 30% worm casings and 20%
forest compost. then add a small amount of the guano for food. However
guano is not a fertiliser I would ever have thought of using for either
succulents or bulbs. You would be better to water with weak solution of
tomato feed when the bulbs are in leaf.

I have a large bag of Kellogg's mix

> >which is organic forest products (not too chunky) along with worm
> >casings and guano. I also have a large bag of horticultural sand.
> >Since most of my bulbs will be planted in the fall (due to where I
> >live), I am concentrating on succulents and other plants right
> >now.  I will have many bulb questions in the fall! What ratio of the
> >above ingredients should I use for your average bulb in a pot?  Your
> >average succulent?

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