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Robin Hansen
Sat, 27 Apr 2013 19:49:24 PDT

>I was startled to read that the Emerald chapter of NARGS was "forced" to 
disband. Google doesn't divulge any details of this, so could someone please 
summarize the sad story in a few words?

Forced was perhaps an inappropriate word to use, but those of us who were officers for the Emerald Chapter, NARGS, struggled mightily to encourage members to run for office, without success, year after to year, while our meetings at which we would have a variety of good speakers were relatively well-attended.  

We made it clear to the membership that without new volunteers to step in and take positions on the board, to help in maintaining the Sebring Rock Garden at Alton Baker Park, etc. we were dying as an organization.  In the end, we felt we had no choice and dissolved the chapter. 

I'm sure this sad tale of woe with regard to various groups has been repeated many times of late to other members of this group.  It's not pretty.  It has left us former members frustrated and struggling to know what we could have done differently.  Even in hindsight, we have found no answers, other than changing demographics...

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