New IRG issue online

Fri, 26 Apr 2013 03:47:37 PDT
The April 2013 issue of IRG(International Rock Gardener)is now online.…

There is a decided bulb bias in this issue!Plant hunters have always been intrepid souls, venturing into areas 
where all sorts of unknown tribulations lurked. 
Happily, the fate of David Douglas - who died in a pit trap in Hawaii in 1834 - 
has not befallen any recent plant explorers.

The Latvian nurseryman, bulb expert and author Janis Ruksans
is a valued contributor  to the  SRGC forum. 
Last month he made a trip to North West Turkey. 
This issue of IRG  includes much of that story but a great many 
more photographs can be seen in the SRGC Forum along with other references.

Jaroslav Baláz, a Czech grower who has a small alpine nursery in  
the village of  Dolní Rozínka, writes about the charming Ranunculus seguieri.  

Many alpine enthusiasts from around the world will be meeting up next week for the 
Second Czech International Rock Garden Conference - the IRG Team will be 
there and we look forward to seeing many friends old and new.… Young 

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