Vinegar for weeds
Thu, 04 Apr 2013 10:32:52 PDT

I have used "horticultural vinegar" (20%) on my most hated weed, mugwort (Artemesia sp), and it only kills the tops. New growth returns from the roots in no time. 


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I couldn't tell whether anybody replied to Alberto's query about using vinegar on weeds. 
Yes, it works on most but not all weeds. Spray cooking vinegar (5% acidity as sold in 
the USA) on young weed seedlings. It seems less effective on older seedlings or plants, 
especially dandelions. 

By the way, judging by the number of people writing me privately for unobtainable plant 
material, this is by far the most gullible plant group to which I subscribe. 

Leo Martin 

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