Administrative changes

Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:49:57 PDT
Of course the contributions of all the committee members who 
have worked to make the PBs, the List, the Bulb Ex. and the Wiki 
such a success are more than worthy of our thanks - but special
praise is due to Mary Sue, who has proved herself again and again to 
be both Superwoman and a Cat Herder of the finest order!
Mary Sue's efforts have been truly unstinting and her own passion for 
bulbs of every kind has fuelled her massive contribution to making the 
PBS what it is today.
Along the way she and Bob  have visited many parts of the world (and 
made many friends) - perhaps now she will have time to make more visits
and broaden yet further her tremendous knowledge and take pleasure in 
the plants that she has helped so many to appreciate and understand -

Thanks, Mary Sue!

with our best wishes for a fun retirement, 
Maggi and Ian . 

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