Little Mystery Bulb

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 07:36:30 PDT
What a bunch of criminals you lot are!  ;-)

LOL.  I can only remember one "rescue" and that was my "Wild Lakota" iris

There was a condo development going in at an old abandoned farm next to an
old abandoned trailer park.  There were lots of plants worthy of rescue
from the trailer park gardens, but nothing I really wanted.  However,
growing in what must have been the old farmyard garden, I found a clump of
"Wild Lakota" irises in full bloom, surrounded by grass, grass, and more
grass.  So I dug some up!  :-)

If you know the place is going to get bulldozed, I wouldn't feel too guilty
about saving some plants from death row.  But if someone might buy &
restore the property... then I'd start having a guilty conscience.

Good luck!
Dennis in Cincinnati

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:44 AM, Ina <> wrote:

> Hear, Hear!!!
> Ina Crossley
> Auckland New Zealand  Zone 10
> On 25/04/2013 4:36 p.m., clayton3120 clayton3120 wrote:
> > Oh for heavens sake. To quote  Sarah Palin, Dig, Baby, Dig!   A boarded
> up
> > house, no one in sight? Rescue those plants!
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