Was Cardamine hirsuta Sterilising potting mixture

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You could get a clean oil drum/fill with wet soil.Heat in pit type campfire 
 till steam emerges from the soil and a candy thermometer reaches 175 
degrees  when placed in the center of the soil mass. Comercial grower buy 
electric  sterilizer that cook the soil till it is pest free. Look online for a 
large  supplier of agricultural equipment. It 
 does smell like cooking dirt so don't do it next to you house or when  
your spouse is throwing a party-Russ H
You can get an old turkey roasting pan/fill with potting mix and heat in  
oven.It does work. Smells pretty bad.
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Did any  try to heat small amounts of potting mixture to heat in the 
microwave  ??
are there some other ways to sterilise potting mixture in smaller  
for example 50 litre


2013/4/3   <Jadeboy48@aol.com>:
Yes, sterilising soil with steam is an excellent  idea.

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