Tim Chapman tim@gingerwoodnursery.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2013 22:25:01 PDT
I use pump sprayers for fertilizing as well then just mist with pure water to get it off the leaves and to help soak in a bit more.  I find many seedlings can't handle even weak fertilizer solution on the leaves so the addition misting helps.   You can use a wide range of sprayers but ones branded for plant use are a bit more expensive.  The same thing is available for $8 on up on Amazon and elsewhere.  Even something like a windex bottle will work, but if you are doing a lot of trays the pressurized pump bottles are much easier to deal with!    They work great for foliar feeding as well (much less waste) but the larger ones sold for poison sprayers etc tend to make more sense.  

All this time I thought I was just being bad about weeding , in reality I was keeping indicator plants!!  Genius , I must inform my wife its been intentional all along ! ;). 

Tim Chapman

> I addition, try looking into a hand-held pump-sprayer. They can be gotten cheaply and are intended for orchid enthusiasts, but they work perfectly well for fertilizing seedlings with a special mix. Here's a quick google result (but I don't necessarily recommend this specific one): http://beautifulorchids.com/orchids/accessories/…
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