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Look, my Partner and I raised thousands of species of cactus for  
comercial/private sale. It may be possible to illegaly collect seed or a cutting  but 
why bother. I find the flower pretty boring. As far as the number of 
species  in this genus it is probably only one with a number of variants. If you 
grow  this plant just keep it to yourself. If the feds charged you with 
intent to  distribute and won the case your property can be seized because of the 
anti drug  laws( house,cars, personal posessions, jewelry .cash etc). Now 
there are a  number of people that have one tiny plant and no one really 
cares. The genus all  have drugs in them related to LSD. I thought everyone in 
the cactus world knew  this, it is no secret. Native American tribes have 
been using a water infusion  of the dried cap of the plant to ceate visions. 
But let me warn you this is not  a pleasant experience!!, You will vomit your 
guts out for up to several days.  Native Americans are under .certain 
conditions are allowed to raise the plant  but it is considered sacred. This is 
not some toy to play with for a good time!  I would suggest the plant be only 
grown in protected locations,like locked  gardens but with  available for 
study to serious people. A dried piece of  the cactus is called a button and 
has a high streetvalue, It used to be common  in the SW but over collecting 
has wiped it out in some areas, It grows slowly  from seed and rarely 
offsets. Among my many jobs I did research in the area  of NE Mexico . Pus was 
around the plant for about10 years so I could probably  answer any question, 
Just never collect this Genus in old Mexoco, Thr drug laws  are very, very 
harsh with long sentences!
 I really thought this was all common knowledge. When my Partner  became 
ill we gave a outmany of plants to anyont that could use them. Let us  make 
the workd a more lovely place by growing flowers and garden plants! Russ  H.
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Lophophora williamsii is a schedule 1 drug plant. All parts of  it growing 
or not are Illegal to possess without a DEA license.  I can  assure you 
cactus bowl sellers do not have DEA licenses.  I don't know  the date of it 
becoming scheduled so perhaps it was available in the past. It  is clearly on 
the list now. 

I don't grow any cactus so don't know  about this genus and its other spp , 
but California's own law forbids growing  ANY species in this genus. 

Tim Chapman

> I do not agree with  you.  Lophophora williamsii is a well known plant.  
It is 
>  similar to L. diffusa, but they can be distinguished.  When I lived in  
> I was somewhat of an expert on cactus and grew many.   Among my plants 
was L. 
> williamsii, and of course it flowered for  me.  
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